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4 Must-See Cities On My Travel Wish List

4 Must-See Cities On My Travel Wish List

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Travelled all around the world, seen so many beautiful sights. Whilst sitting on the JBR Open Beach (2017), looking out towards the Persian Gulf, a thought occurred. Dubai reminded me of the tiny place I occupied on this earth. This occurred again in Prague whilst looking at the city from Petrin Hill (2018). Gustave Flaubert said it best, travel makes you modest. Life continues, with or without our existence. Do something of value, stand up for your beliefs and leave your mark in the history books. 

Travel excites me, experiencing a foreign land through their culture, art and entertainment. There’s so much beauty to discover in the world, I haven’t even seen half of it. International trips to exotic lands or a city break somewhere in Europe, either way, it’s an exciting occasion. I decided to share four cities that are on my travel wish list.

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Paris, France

The city of love, romance and passion, also known as the capital of France. You can never go wrong with booking a trip to Paris. Overflowing with beauty and iconic landmarks like the Effiel Tower, Sacre Coeur and Arc de Triomphe. It’s a city that’s been on my travel list for a while now. Mainly because I want to capture the beauty on camera, the iconic views and hidden gems. I’d love to explore the city like a local. Wandering away from the tourist spots to see what I stumble across. Perhaps street art, cool bars and other districts with character and charm. If that isn’t reason enough, French pastries are hard to resist. I’d go just for all the sweet treats.

Bali, Indonesia

A beautiful island that deserves to be experienced at least once. It’s filled with must-see beaches, cafés and sights to see. After reading countless travel posts about Bali, it’s the perfect destination to unwind and relax. A place of charm, mystery and where you become one with nature. Everything works harmoniously with balance. Explore the land, the various temples, waterfalls and even a monkey forest but remember to relax as well. Include a spa experience in the itinerary. Opt for a massage, flower bath, or the whole package. Regardless of your choice, you deserve the pamper session.

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Havana, Cuba

The first thing that comes to mind is colour, colour and more colour. A picturesque city, rich in history, culture and art. Just from looking at pictures I can understand why Camila Cabello left her heart in Havana. The city is magical, you feel like you’re transported back in time. Explore the city all from the comfort of a classic car. Old Havana is the perfect place to capture travel photography, it’s filled with colour and architecture. Best way to experience Havana is through their nightlife. Organise your own bar-crawl, enjoy the live bands and speak to the locals. Would Havana make your travel wish list?

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

A city that has more to offer than its sordid reputation. Rich in history, filled with pretty canals and hidden side street gems. For the cutest content and a dose of tulips, browse Bloemenmarkt, a floating flower market. Wander around the city, whether on foot or bike, your camera roll will be filled with beauty. Ranging from architecture to museums and cute cafés. I’m actually heading to Amsterdam in October for a birthday celebration. If you’ve travelled to Amsterdam recently, what did you enjoy the most? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  • I’ve been to Paris, such a pretty city. I love the sound of Havana, a place packed full of colour and those large cars. I also would love to go to Amsterdam, I think that would be pretty cool. A great choice of places here. I hope you and your family are doing well Tajinder : ) xo

    • Glad you like my travel wish list. There are so many beautiful places to see in the world. We’re doing well thanks, how are you Natoya?


  • Paris is my favorite city of all time!! I really hope you get to go there some day!
    I am thinking of a short trip to Amsterdam as I’ve never been there even though I grew up not very far from the Netherlands.
    And Havana is a dream city of mine. I would looove to visit.

    • Paris is so close, so definitely someday soon. You should do it dear, treat yourself to a city break! We need to turn these dreams into reality!


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