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Valentine’s Day: Events Around London

Valentine’s Day: Events Around London

Date Night The Darker Side of Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we all need inspiration on how to celebrate the day.  A holiday created for us to spend our coin on unnecessary cards, chocolate and expensive dining. The cliché agenda, that we see in almost every romantic-comedy, this year why not spice up your plans? Everyone can participate in the celebrations; valentine’s day isn’t only for those in relationships. It’s also for my independent women, the family orientated and of course the classic couple. If you’re unsure how to celebrate or want to add some spice to the occasion, I’ve got you covered. Divided into three categories, there’s something for every individual to enjoy around London. How are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day?

Date Night
Midnight Apothecary A Cinematic Experience The Darker Side of Love
Girl’s Night Out
Galantine’s Day at Tonight Josephine Quirky Afternoon Tea
Family Night
Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens

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