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Vibrant Vision In London (Identity Photography Series)

Vibrant Vision In London (Identity Photography Series)

Walking Around Vibrant Brixton South London

Photography (noun)
\ fə-ˈtä-grə-fē \
the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.

Full of energy and life
An uproar of bold colours
Playful prints
Noisy backgrounds
And the celebration of diversity
A vibrant nature and personality
Full of smiles, happiness and joy
Warming the hearts of those around
A lady of elegance is what you see before you.

Following on from my Instagram poetry series Roots and History, I wanted to take a visual approach. A mixture of fashion photography and identity. The concept of identity intrigues me, especially as it’s multi-layered. Representing different countries, cultures and a way of life. If I had to narrow down my own identity, it would be a colourful cocktail of interests and characteristics. Being a Punjabi woman, a hip-hop enthusiast and a confident creative. Our roles are constantly changing, evolving as we experience life. These three elements will always be an identifier of who I am as an individual, at a glance. As you come closer, engage in conversation, there’s more to the story, but does it capture your attention?

Vibrant Brixton Market Fashion Photography

Vibrant London Blogger Portrait & Jewellery Details

During the course of blogging, the topic of identity has come up numerous times. By reaching out to other creatives for my second photography project, I was able to get a fresh perspective. That differed to my own point of view. I asked everyone a simple question, in one word, what forms your identity? That chosen word then developed the concept of the whole shoot. During February, I’ll be releasing one photoshoot weekly, both on my blog and Instagram. Today we’re focusing on vibrant colour, boldness and energy. One cold morning I headed to Brixton to meet a lovely blogger known as Rosa. The aim of the day was to capture the vibrancy of her chosen outfits, accessories and location. We were shooting around Brixton village and market row. I liked the rawness of the area, the graffiti, independent stores and the bitter streets that held a vast history.

The first photo shoot of the series
Proud of each shot
A vision of vibrancy
Are you looking forward to the next reveal?
Expect the unexpected
No two people are similar
Our experiences mould us
Into the fabulous creatures, you see before you
How do you interpret these shots?
What does identity mean to you?

Urban London & Floral Fashion Photography

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Blogger In Vibrant Spring Floral Dress

Vibrant Brixton Market Floral Fashion Photography

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