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What I Read, Wore & Listened To In April 2020

What I Read, Wore & Listened To In April 2020

Flowers, Floral Prints & Femininity Lockdown Portrait Photography

Locked up without consent
Pleas unheard and permission revoked
Daily news coverage triggering anxiety
When will this nightmare end?
A possible perspective to the crisis at hand
Switching gears, focusing on myself
Taking it as an opportunity to improve
A work in progress becoming better daily
Through sheer drive and determination a phoenix rises
But what have you done during April 2020?

What I Wore During April 2020 Dark Print Peacock Floral Dress

Use this time as a gift to do what makes you happy. Whether you decide to focus on creativity, spend time with your family or self-educate through online courses. Cherish the things that bring you joy. Some days I’m writing, creating content and being a boss, other days I just want to Netflix and chill. Listen to want your mind, body and soul need, don’t push against it. Keeping it light-hearted, I decided to share an end-of-month post, rounding up what I read, wore and listened to.

Lockdown Home Photography Bedsheets, Blue Skies & Floral Dresses
Read All About It: Fierce Fairy Tales

Fairy tales reimagined from a feminist perspective. Blurring the lines between good and evil, changing the narrative of helpless princesses and challenging age old stereotypes. The collection of stories aim to stir the soul, making you revaluate your own views and character. I would recommend Fierce Fairy Tales by Nikita Gill to everyone, old and young. It’s a refreshing read, a change from the typical stories we’re used to hearing.

What if fairytales aren’t as innocent as they sound and even princesses aren’t perfect? – Question the Fairytale

London Blogger At Home Photography Floral Spring Outfit Inspiration
Wear This Next: Floral Dresses

The trend that’s here to stay, you can never go wrong with a pretty floral dress. It will always be relevant during spring and summer. Seen as the epitome of the season as it embodies romance, femininity and playfulness. How could you possibly resist this trend? My wardrobe is filled with wide leg pants, crop tops and midi dresses all in various floral prints.

The one featured in the images is a skater dress from Peacocks, the maternity section. It was my go-to outfit last year when I wanted to make an effort and wear something besides oversized t-shirts. This year I found a blue and white smock dress from Zara that I’m excited to wear once lock down is over. Have you embraced the SS20 floral trend?

South Asian Blogger Portrait Lip Gloss, Chain & Floral Dress
Artist Spotlight: CeeBoi

Exploring his musicality whilst simultaneously winning the hearts of his audience with the last two single releases. Don’t Let Me Go and Free hit the heart strings as they speak about popular topics of love and freedom. Music with substance will always go far, it has a purpose, a message to deliver. To the point even my friends have mentioned they’ve added Free to their Spotify playlists. It’s a well-executed single that only adds anticipation for CeeBoi’s upcoming EP. Until then, what do you want to be free from?

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Me I just want to be free, free like a bird, don’t want no struggle, I’ve been through it all.

Sunshine, Floral Bedsheets & Pretty Little Dresses April 2020

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What I Read, Wore & Listened To In April 2020 UK Fashion Blog Tajinder Kaur

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  • April sounds like a refreshing month, particularly with the book Fierce Fairytales and the single Free – great recommendations.

  • It is so so important that from now on we do challenge the stereotypes that fairy tales present us with and empower young women to blur those lines. It’s a highly debated topic at the moment and I really want to check out that book now, especially as you say it’s so refreshing!!!
    Fab post xxx

    • I couldn’t agree more Beth, we need to address this topic. It’s honestly refreshing, let me know what you think if you do read it.


  • Lovely post! I love that dress and you look lovely in these photos! <3 My April was, okay, I guess! Nothing amazing but nothing terrible either. Guess that's all we can ask for right now!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post dear. That’s very true, just have to remain positive throughout the current situation.


  • The biggest thing for me in April was wearing clothes that truly brought joy to my life, even if they wouldn’t necessarily be the usual choice for this time of year. What do I mean by that? I’ve been rocking my Halloween leggings pretty constantly and it never fails to bring a smile to my face! Why not, right?

    • Aww, that brought a smile to my face. Break the rules and do what makes you happy dear, I’m glad you’re having fun with clothes.


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