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What I Wear Off-Duty (Lazy Hoodie Edition)

What I Wear Off-Duty (Lazy Hoodie Edition)

UK Fashion Blogger, Tajinder Kaur Speaks On Cosy Winter Style

Whether you plan on snuggling under the blankets
Gossiping with the girls
Or heading out for a quick bite to eat
Comfort is what we desire
Especially on cold winter nights
With temperatures dropping to the minuses
But let me not get ahead of myself
Perhaps off-duty differs for you
Cropped fleeces and jumpers work well too
For a woman whose personal style is slightly chicer
Which outfit resonates with you?

Pink Gang Hoodie, Hoops & Colourful Bangles

Monday to Friday, we’re put together from morning to eve. Typically, due to work. A well-deserved break sits on the horizon. Mine begins once I return home. I jump in the shower and allow myself to finally relax. Surrounded by beautiful scents, the stresses of the day, slip away.

My evening outfit depends on my schedule. Typically, off-duty for me means comfort, soft fabrics and confidence. As the temperature continues to dip. I’ve been reaching for my trusted hoodies. They have the ability to be dressed up or down, depending on the styling.

If you’re heading out for the night, pair denim jeans with a tonal hoodie. Match your block heels to the hoodie and add a long coat to complete the look. Don’t forget extra details, think dainty. Personally, I’d opt for a gold choker and anklet with loose curls. Block colours work well, as they complement most items effortlessly. The tonal dressing trend works well with beige and navy.

Side Profile, Winter Casual Style

Winter tends to favour neutral palettes, elevate a look by adding spice with burgundy and burnt orange tones.

When your plans don’t involve leaving the house, you can get even comfier. Joggers and fluffy socks paired with a cropped or oversized hoodie, whichever works for you. For the ultimate night in, treat yourself to a movie marathon with all the works. Spiced hot chocolate, popcorn and your girl gang. Catch up in the cosiest setting possible.

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Asos, Primark, River Island, Boohoo are my go-to retailers for cute, cosy hoodies. Whether it’s a particular colour, slogan or quirky graphic, I know I’ll be able to find it with ease. Where do you shop for your winter essentials?

No Stress Comfy Winter Outfits For Off Days & Evenings

What I Wear Off-Duty Lazy Hoodie Edition, Pinned From UK Fashion Blog, Tajinder Kaur

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