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What’s The Correlation Between Society & Self-Worth?

What’s The Correlation Between Society & Self-Worth?

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Confidence lingering in the air
Setting the tone for the night ahead
How did she become this way?
A silhouette in the background with a menacing presence
Slowly walking towards me, all sense disappears
She has an alluring hold over me
Whispering, this isn’t your typical night
Fun and games turned into a game of survival
She made me question my identity, confidence, and self-worth
Trying to catch my breath
Are you ready to play?

If I’m the longest relationship of my life, I should nurture the person I lay in bed with every night. The reflection that looks back at me so innocently. We have a tendency to constantly critic our essence, never basking in the victories. Thinking about the correlation between confidence and societal pressures led me to share my thoughts.

Women have fires burning within, yet get taught to water it down, remain silent and not to be inquisitive. This behaviour needs to be unlearnt, we can’t fail each other or the women that surround us. Society can hinder our self-worth, make us feel inferior, but it’s our choice if we allow it. These topics have the ability to damage our confidence if we allow it. Merely touching on the surface, let’s begin.

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Society puts pressure on women to look a certain way, but why are we fixated on appearances when there’s so much depth to discover? One person’s definition of beauty differs from another. We can’t please everyone and we shouldn’t try. Looks fade over time as we become older. Our worth transcends the physical, have substance underneath. A personality that shines brighter than the sun and her flowers.

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Representation matters, when I was growing up, I never saw women who I could relate to. Flicking through magazines, searching in popular films. Seen as exotic by the west and not cultured by the east. Accepted by none, standing somewhere in between. Unsure of where I belong, began a journey of self-discovery. Rather than looking towards the world for acceptance and understanding, I should have looked within. Within myself, my household and the art decorating the walls.

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Living in a foreign land, away from my mother’s home. I was an offspring of two countries colliding, that no-one understood. Every detail was scrutinised, yet now I shout child of an immigrant so proudly. She navigated through a land without knowing a single vowel or being able to construct the perfect sentence. I applaud my mother, she created an entire world for herself. The courage, strength and humility she holds have no comparison to the images I was searching for on television screens.

What’s The Correlation Between Society & Self-Worth?

What is it about the skin that makes onlookers jump to conclusions? Formed of dead cells, what makes you fear the pigment in my skin? Perhaps ignorance, the unknown standing before you. If only you took a moment to start a conversation, we’re more alike than you would think or admit.

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What’s The Correlation Between Society & Self-Worth? Tajinder Kaur

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